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[Request] Display Case


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Hello MWG, I would like to make another paid request.

What is it?: This modification is called the "Display Case".

It can be found by clicking on the users profile and then clicking the link on their profile that says "Display Case".

I would like my users to be able to add their items to the display case, I would also like them to be able to sell their items through it.

Example: I add x5 Rusty Sword's to my display case for $500 each.

User clicks on my display case, See's that I have [5 for sale @ $500 each] > Clicks "Buy" > Can then choose how many to buy from my display case.

Seller then gets an event saying "Name has bought $number of your Rusty Sword's for $total."

(I would like this to make use of the Item_add function)


That's about it.

I would like it if you guys could tell me your price to create this modification.

Thank you.

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