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Howdy MWG.

As the title says, I am offering free coding and development. I know this sounds too good to be true. but it is! I do not require monetary compensation. I am a bored administrator working for Hostgator LLC (EIG) and I genuinely want to make improvements on existing projects. While I would rather not fill in holes in your games, I am up for whatever. I am not really big on design work, such as making you a bad ass graphic. I want to offer my service in php, javascript development.

How does this work? You send me a PM with your game URL, best time to contact you, what you need done. I check makewebgames for new messages. I message you back providing my name, number, msn screen name. You either call (or text if you are not in the US and I will call you) or add me on MSN and text me to tell me you have done so (if you want to). I will check out your game and listen to your needs and provide you mine.

You do not need a fancy game, or a great game. If your game is big and you need a lot of work, it is still free. I do not want ownership of your game, or moderator rights. I am bored as heck in my position at Hostgator and I do not want to lose my programmer edge while I do Support Tickets.

Moderator / Admin, please test this service for verification purposes.

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I thought since my avatar says "Hacker" and since I have not posted on here in months (year?), that I would provide an example of the type of work I am referring to.

One thing I think is missing from most mccodes type games is a quick convenient way to communicate with other players, also animation. This is why I invented, only seen by me, the cellphone. The cellphone protrudes a few pixels from the bottom of the screen wherever you want it to be on the bottom (left, right, middle). The cellphone can incorporate any features you can think to be viable in your game, especially a contacts and messaging system. The cellphone works by clicking the top 15 pixels and the phone slides up animated (no jquery or other framework required) and when you click the middle button located at the the bottom, the phone hides itself again. Many aspects have been pre-considered, such as super long strings, injections and scroll bars (hidden), scroll with mouse wheel (can be changed). The phone features up to 7 menu icons like a real phone and resembles the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is an original idea (in text based games) and can add excellent play ability and ease of access to your games messaging system, as well as other features you want added (such as a help document). Message me on McCodes and mentioned above.

Important Note:: There is music at the below URL. The menu buttons intentionally do not work in the below example as I have to make them specific to your game (maybe you want only 3 icons, etc). As I am making a new hacking game, this page may change in the future. Contact me via this site to view a sample if future googlers do not reach a cell phone example page.

URL: http://poppadopolis.com/mygame/

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This is a nice feature for a desktop platform; however, on a mobile platform, it is basically impossible to use. Have you implemented any mobile-friendly options for tools like this? If so, then awesome! I would certainly like to see them. If not, then something to think about. :)

Nicely done though, as Tangled said, it is a very cool feature.


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