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RuthlessCity Game Engine


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Hey guys, I am the new owner of RC Engine... Me and IceColdCola did a deal and I now have all the rights, I am selling copies of the engine both my version from my game at $35 or the original RC which Ice Cold Cola created for $20.. http://www.rcforsale.criminal-city.co.uk.

I will be re designing all the script later on and anyone who now purchases will get all mods free when they get created.

IceColdCola will be on here tomorrow to confirm the sale of it to me.

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Wish you the best of luck here, but I see a long and hard road ahead. You decided to enter a dying market. Very few people are creating online games these days that are text based, and the few that are, tend to be custom built. I can see your prices are lower, but after many experiences with the 'RC' engine on various games, it's a lot of hassle and work. As much as people complain about it, there is a nice system set-up with McCodes that have a better structural background for beginners, which is who you are trying to target.

As mention before, I hope it pays off, but I think it is going to be tough.


- - - Updated - - -

Plus, I just noticed this is like your 3rd topic regarding this. Stick to one.

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