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Assassin V2


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Bought this modification on McCodes, but it is not working. The readme is this:


1. Add assassin.php to your server.

2. Add this line of code to your viewuser page under the links section:

print"[<a href=assassin.php?ID={$r['userid]}'>Assassinate</a>]<br /><br />";

That's It.

The first part wasn't that difficult :)

But part 2...i don't have a viewuser page (profile.php i have). And second, if i add this code to profile.php i get an error while i execute the php file.

Ofcourse i edited something to fit it around, but then i get


You don't have enough brave to do this.

Lol, i don't even have brave in my game....so what does this mean?

Part of the code (it's a paid version, so i guess i can't dump the whole code here)


mysql_query("UPDATE users SET hospital=$hospital,hospreason='Assassinated.' WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}",$c);
event_add($r['userid'],"You were assassinated and put into the hospital for $hospital minutes.",$c,'general');
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET money=money-{$_GET['PAID']},brave=brave-5 WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
die("Your target has been successfully hit without complications, congratulations.");


Anyone has an idea?

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