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Building my Portfolio...


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Hello the beloved MWG,

I have a fair bit of free time so i thought i would offer a service to you guys and/or/maybe gals! I do not really have a portfolio up so im calling on you guys to help me build one up! Here is how i am doing this as a service:

I will be doing FREE mods for any game!

Why am i doing this?

- Simple, I am 17 and dont have much of a portfolio going so i am trying to build one up! I am not here to take your money, im just trying to help you out while you help me out.

What do i require?

- I only require you to allow me to put the modification i make for you on my github for people to see, I will erase all of the personal details from it such as passwords, URLs, etc...

What languages/frameworks/architectures do i know?



- Codeigniter

- Little bit of javascript


How do i take advantage of this service!?

- Simply drop me a message on here! We can discuss the modification and i will get to work!

Also, donations are accepted ;) haha

Enjoy your day/night MWG!

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Since it appears this post did not get a whole lot of attention (no replies via pm or anything), ill give you guys a little more information on my coding:

I use the camel style coding for variable/functions:

public function thisIsHowINameMyFunctionsOrVariables()

var $thisIsHowINameMyVariables()

I also tend to give the functions long names to describe what they do, or vars to describe what they are:

public function verifyUsersInputedUsername() //this makes sure the user has inputed a username that exists

var $inputedUsername

I also comment a lot to tell the developer exactly what a certain area does. If you have anymore questions about my coding style or anything else just reply here or send me a message!

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