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Hi, As some may know me already and some may not but for those who don't know me my name is Jcvenom,

Im one of those kind of people that post but don't post often :) (Unnecessary intro :/)

Anyways... im here looking for any kind of work that has something to do with one or more of the following languages :


-PHP (OOP also)







I am mostly experienced with games including dynamic text based mmorpgs & graphical games.

I can also do business sites, Portfolios and online applications(Demo Coming soon), social Networks(Currently Building one called YourSpace).

My work rate is fast I can work in nearly any time frame and deliver clean code with comments.

I have listed some screenshots of some work I have done with TEXT BASED GAMES such as factions, world war, companies and lots more , I've listed a link to some screenshots below

http://jcvenomnetworks.co.uk/?page=jcvenom (Site isn't Fully Complete)

http://crimecity-Mafia.com (A dynamic text based mmorpg. Hundreds or dynamic files(PHP, MYSQL, JS) for quite a large project)

If your interested or would like to contact me for any reason email me @: [email protected] or PM here or skype: jcvenom_dev

Thank you


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