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I need ideas!

Samurai Legend

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As most of you probably know, I am still developing Samurai Assault.

I ran out of ideas and I need help! I need to know what will be the best thing to add to my game. How to make sure the economy is smooth!

And make sure I am a great Admin!

I also need to know what is the best place to advertise my game! I want to spend around $60 a month on advertising. Then probably later on when I open my game I will invest more money!

I need good competition ideas to for the game. I also want my game to be unique. Bits of the game other people have in their game which I do not want. I want to be different. But since I got into another accident. Thing have turned down on me a bit. However I am recovering and trying my best to get Samurai Assault up and running! So I need big help!

I need new unique ideas for the game. So please help me out!

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Yes I understand. Thanks for the feedback. This is my first game I have ever made...So this is why it's quite hard for me.

Other people once they just think it's a good game they have created. They will just release it straight away. I am taking my time on the game.

I will probably release the game within 2-3 months. I don't know to be honest.

How ever my game is not unique yet. But however I am willing to do anything to make it different.

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Hi :) I have been playing mmorpgs FOREVER! And have probably come across every type there is and played every type so many times that now adays when I sign up for a new game I pretty much already played it before. So, I can tell you how to make your game different! If you want we can have a chat and discuss your game currently and how you want it to be and then I will throw out some suggestions for you :)

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