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Buying Mafia Game


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I want to buy a text-based Mafia Game. Doesn't even need to have many members on the game.

I do NOT and I seriously mean that I do NOT want anything to do with MCCODES or the GRPG. I do understand they all start from that in some way, but i do not want a game that is pretty much a clone of a GRPG game.

I want to purchase the game all the way out from you, and I will be buying from the owner with legal aid.

This means i don't want to own only 60% or 20%... I want all the rights 100%.

If it is still being developed, but almost done reply here or contact me and explain how much more needs to be done, and i may be willing to purchase it while still in development.

I want the game to be similar to Mafia-warfare, TornMafia, Wize-guyz...those games..

If your game is developed and finished, but you want to part with it also mail me. I am willing to hire you on as a coder for different ideas i have so that i can focus on my RL job more than coding the game atm.

Please contact me with more information on your game, or game you may know. This is not my first time owning a game, and I am an experienced coder.

If you are attempting to go into a "partnership" with me, i will have to speak with my business partner BEFORE any decision is made towards your application.

My budget is open, but I would like for a price if you mail me. I don't want to make an offer or anything i want something firm.



I have this posted in game projects also, but seeing as this is the Auction House i brought it here.

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