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Virtual Pet Site for Sale


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I have been the owner of http://www.daydream-wishes.com for a month now, but I have come to realize that this website needs more attention than I can give it right now. DayDream Wishes has been open since the last week of October 2013, it has a decent member base, active forums, and nice chunk of artwork on the site. The site is full of potential and the member base and staff are SO dedicated to it - in fact, many have been there since the beginning - so I am confident that with the right owner, this site/game will go far.

You may do as you wish with the site, as long as you honor what people have put into their accounts (aka, please don't take things away from them). I would also prefer that you keep the current moderators, colorists, and other miscellaneous staff members in their positions unless you see a good reason for letting them go.

The site comes with:

- All the current site features (and any notes for planned features)

- All Fae Avatar artwork + clothing, accessories, mini pets, etc.

- All Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, and Dragon artwork (<-- Pegasus and Dragons unreleased, but finished and ready to go)

- Several hundred items

- NEW, unreleased cherry orchard layout/theme

Income per month: $100-200

Cost for artist pay: Depends on what you have them do. Ranges from $50-100 in site currency, not including commissions from non-staff artists for USD

Programming pay: Commission basis, recently hired Gabby from Virtual Pet List

The owner before me put in $2000 (for art and coding) into the site. I put in an additional $600+ on art, coding, and a new layout - almost all of which has yet to be released, so the new-new owner would be reaping all of the rewards of my efforts over this past month. However, I'm not really out to make a profit unless I have several interested parties, so I am selling for a flat fee of $600. Hopefully the new owner can do more with it than I was able to with my divided attentions.

Let me know if you'd like to see the admin panel, additional art, and what-have-you.

Thanks :)

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I just don't want to sink more money and time into it when I have another, more personal project that is demanding most of my attention. I think the game could use a nice, stable ownership from here on out. As far as activity, there are generally 3-4 people online at any given time, with our peak of the day probably being at 7-8.

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