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Looking for a site runner


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Hi all myself and a friend have been working on a game for quite some time. It has been in BETA for a while and has been run for several months. Unfortunately we both don't have the time at present to run a successful game.

So we have both agreed to see if anyone wanted to run their own game without the fuss. The game will be reset user wise and you will have full admin access without us interfering. We will simply be a normal player logging on from time to time to see the progress. To protect our game we will not be offering any Cpanel access unless any exceptional circumstances arise.

The site is http://www.endoftimez.com

It runs of mccodes v2 and has a full license.

It has many paid mods AND many self made mods that will not be seen anywhere else.

It's a post zombie apocolypse themed gamed with everything ready to go.

-WE will pay for all hosting, renewal of domains etc

-We will make any changes you would like and fix any bugs that may arise.

We would require an active person with some experience in playing/running games. Coding experience is not essential at all as we can deal with that aspect of it.

Changes in game can be made with donator packs points items etc

The only thing we ask is that donations are split 50-50.

If your interested then please comment on here or pm me

If you've got any questions please ask



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