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Hi all.

We opened again our indie browser game SteamSky.

In this steampunk-themed game you have to build your city and attack other players with flying ships.


The city have two differents altitudes. It's can be advantageous or not (according to iron production), depending on how high your city is.

Ship features (attack, health, armor, boarding and speed) can be increased by Headquarters or Alliance.

Any member of alliance can donate gold and the admin can increase some bonus abilities to all members.

Through the Intelligence Agency building you can spy upon other players. You can increase up in five espionage schools.

3 classes, 11 buildings, 14 ships, 17 ability and much more.


We wrote a guide to help you for first steps.

Please join and write us what do you think about (you can always contact Admin, inside the game).



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