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How to improve?


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Personally I'd do the following:

Change the font, align it with the left side of the input box. and probably position it a 10 or so pixels lower.

Remove the little menu with the checkerplate background. Instead have text links within the header on the far right side of the header.

Remove the gun in the header.


Email me the PSD and i can show you what I mean - [email protected]

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Here is my suggestions:


Remove the gun.

Set opacity on the header background, like 80-90% in between.

Like mentioned above, place the navigation, like the picture in the post above, and get rid of the effects it currently has, it just bloats it down.

The login bar need proper proportions, left align the labels and the button, place it on the right starting from where the text input fields end, or left align it as well.

Place the copyright text in the right bottom corner.

Remove the (not sure what it's called, but the Photoshop effect that adds that the button looks shiny in the bottom and top). Lower or remove the shadow/whatever it is around the font on the button.

Remove the : from the labels.

But the most important one: Change the font, try Open Sans or something.

By the way, the art is copyrighted by Riot Games, are you sure you're allowed to use it?

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