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Fully Coded Layout[OFFERS]


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Hello, Me & Zebba have merged our games together as one.

So Zebba wants his old layout/whole game, sold for a higher advertising budget.

Offers are open.





You can buy just the layout all coded or the whole site, but the whole site will have no members, as we are transferring the database to my domain instead and will reset everything, so it may be better for you to just buy the layout, but its up to you.

Offer what you wish and i will discuss with Zebba each offer.

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I think it would be better if he came here and sold it. Because we don't actually know if you have the right to sell it on his behalf.

Im im going to lock this thread and when the owner comes to sell it I'll unlock it or maybe if you ask another staff member nicely they may do it for you :p

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