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[mccode] Sell all button


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Re: Sell all button

i took the code and pimped it out:

You're unable to view this code.

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Its not brilliant but its a bit tidier, until someone makes it look better use this as the itemsell.php :? oh well im not that good a coder anyways.

If you want a screen shot check this http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/3342/isscreenshotap5.png

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Re: Sell all button


ThePlague, Are you running your game on stolen codes?

Just curious as to why you have marked out any indication of your site name etc

Nah not stolen codes but i dont want to release the game until i have a new server and the crons are working, as soon as thats working [hopefully 8PM tonight, 5/02/07] i will post the name in my signiture!

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