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Snikos Advanced houses - viewuser error after install


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EDIT: Nevermind I just missed to include maxwill_before in my query. Duh.

Hey guys so I got snikos property mod and it works great apart from on view user.

When I go to viewuser I get this:

Sorry, we could not find a user with that ID, check your source.

It's clearly just a sql error but it's been racking at my brains for a good 2 hours.

Here's my query

$q =
                   "SELECT *
                   FROM `users` `u`
                   INNER JOIN `cities` AS `c`
                   ON `u`.`location` = `c`.`cityid`
                   INNER JOIN `houses` AS `h`
                   ON `u`.`maxwill` = h.`hWILL`
                   LEFT JOIN `gangs` AS `g`
                   ON `g`.`gangID` = `u`.`gang`
                   LEFT JOIN `fedjail` AS `f`
                   ON `f`.`fed_userid` = `u`.`userid`
                   WHERE `u`.`userid` = {$_GET['u']}");
   if ($db->num_rows($q) == 0)
       echo 'Sorry, we could not find a user with that ID, check your source.';


In globals I have this:

if ($housequery)
$is=$db->query("SELECT u.*,us.*,h.* FROM users u LEFT JOIN
userstats us ON
u.userid=us.userid LEFT JOIN
houses h ON h.hWILL=
WHERE u.userid=$userid");

   $is =
                   "SELECT `u`.*, `us`.*
                    FROM `users` AS `u`
                    INNER JOIN `userstats` AS `us`
                    ON `u`.`userid`=`us`.`userid`
                    WHERE `u`.`userid` = {$userid}
                    LIMIT 1");
$ir = $db->fetch_row($is);
if(array_key_exists('hNAME', $ir)) {
$ir['hNAME'] = ($ir['houseid_row'] > 0) ? get_house_name_by_row($ir['houseid_row']) :

The error only shows if the player is using a house from the new property system.

If anyone can help me out that'd be great! :D

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