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Minecraft Modding Tutorial


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This thread is all about Minecraft Mods, you can post all your mods and queries about it here.

Minecraft is written in the programming language Java, it can help to know the basics of Java, although I learnt by adapting what they wrote from there files to mine, you might be able to this as well, it is not easy to create mods so you might have to look up tutorials on Youtube and other sites.

You will need MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) it will contain the main files, it will be a folder and inside it will be all the things that you will need to program and mod, for example there will be several BAT (Windows Batch File) files such as decompile.bat and startclient.bat, you will also need Java Development Kit (JDK) and Java Runtime Environment (JRE) , also here is a list of programs you will need to make modding easier:

Eclipse IDE for Java developers - You use eclipse because Mojang (Company who created Minecraft) has already created a workspace for it in the MCP (Minecraft Coder Pack) folder.

Photoshop/Gimp/Paint.NET - You need any one of these as you will need to be designing what ever you want to create, so as in if you want to make a new block you can use there design or you could make you're own, I personally use Photoshop as I feel it is the best to add and make layers. You also need this to make textures for custom blocks and items or anything else you create.

These are the programs that will help you, if you do get stuck or need help with the coding or even drawings please do post, we have some fantastic artist on this website, and I'm sure together we will be able to help each other to code/design.

Inside the MCP folder, you will see more folders, locate the one called jars and open it, then open the start menu and search for 'run' and hit enter, a pop up menu should appear, in it type %appdata% and press ok, it should open a directory window, there should be three folders go in to the one which is called 'roaming', in that folder you will see a folder called '.minecraft' open that and you will see a couple of folders, copy the 'resources and bin' folder and paste them in to you're jars folder in MCP. Then you need to go one minecraft.net and go on the downloads page, scroll down until you find a download for minecraft_server.jar, download it and put it in the jars folder as well. Then open the decompile.bat, and wait until it decompiles it all after it decompiles.

Note: It can take quite while for it to decompile so please be patient, read the next paragraph to find out about eclipse.

After you get Eclipse, open it, it will ask you to set you're work space, click browse and find you're MCP folder, open it and you will find a series of folders, when you find the folder called eclipse click on it then press ok, you should have set you're workspace there.

Note eclipse will close and re-open again to set and refresh your workspace.

Sometimes when you try to decompile it will ask you to update some things, to do this open you're MCP folder and scroll down until you find some BAT files which say Update in the first part of there name, open them all and it should ask you if you want to update write "yes" then it should update, if you do get any errors please post on here saying what they are. I may be able to help.

If you have any other problems regarding things mentioned it this guide please do not hesitate to post, I am not a professional at modding Minecraft so I might not be able to help you in everything, also this guide is sort of old although I don't think the general method has changed. If this guide did help you please take some time to say thanks and + my rep, it means a lot to me! ;)

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