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NationOfTheLost - Spammer

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ohh boy I can already see this is going to turn out worse than I though with a bunch of he said she said, pointing fingers nonsense.

@Frosty Can you explain how you came to the conclusion that it is infact Dragon Blade?

Just because its his game doesn't mean its him and don't think that I'm sticking up for anyone I am trying to be a non biased party here.

@Dragon: I don't want to tell you how to run your game or anything like that but lets just say this isn't you, to me it kind of is common courtesy to not have or let your players spam your game on other games. To me its a little unprofessional and IMHO Frosty has a right to be upset.

I'm sure you don't want Frosty or his players spamming your game right?

Now since this type of thread can get nasty can we please try to not to get all crazy?

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The IP address partially matches another user on my game with the username "DragonB" either his friend lives in the same area as him and has the same internet provider or he has a dynamic IP, i believe it's the latter.

Moderators are able to check IP's, could you please check it.

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