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Russian Roulette V2 & V1 $15

Dragon Blade

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There is one file. (russianroulette.php)

Add 4 fields to the users table.



To check out an demo: http://nationofthelost.com/


How to play:

Start by entering the ID number of the member you wish to play Russian Roulette with.

Enter the wager amount. You must have the money in hand.

Click submit and an event will be sent to the member ID you entered.

You then wait for the event to be accepted. Alternatively you can cancel your request and choose another member.

When the event is accepted both members take it in turns to take a shot of the revolver. Total of 6 shots.

Out of the 6 shots one will return BLAAAM!!!. Whoever gets this shot loses and the wager is won by the other party.


To start an event you need to abtain a revolver.

Anyone can be sent an event request. The other party is not required to have a revolver item.

An event can only be cancelled if not already accepted by the other party.

Once an event has been started and accepted the wager is then final.

Wagers are for ingame money only.

Additional wagers that bypass the system are NOT allowed.

Failure to shoot within 15 minutes of your round will result in your wager being forfeited to your opponent.

Failed events will be manually closed and all wagers credited to the participant waiting.


If you should have any issues contact a member of staff or if any of the terms above are breached then please file a player report and set offense type RR event.


This modfication is $15 please mail me if you want to purchase the modification.

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