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Just wanted to give heads up to anyone who frequents here more than the ezRPG home at ezrpgproject.net:

We'll be releasing a number of updates in the upcoming days that'll paint a solid picture of what's been going on behind the scenes. While nothing is official as yet, until our announcement on the boards, I can say that we've teamed myself and booher up with two from the community here whose ideas and initiatives have helped spark and spearhead some new developments. Already announced at http://community.ezrpgproject.net/Thread-New-homepage-forum-theme-and-some-upcoming-updates , we've created a new theme and developing our homepage to integrate with a major product announcement. We've also been in the process of cleaning up code and our forums to make way for new offerings.

So if you liked what ezRPG was, and are still interested in seeing what we have to offer, join up at ezRPGProject.net, create an account and introduce yourself. We develop and grow as a community, so state your experience with our Engine, what you wish to see, and fork/pull requests on our Github. I'll post once more when the new announcements and unveiling is made, then I'll be leaving MWG to others to update our notices here.

See you on the other side!

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ezRPG 1.2.x is soon to be released as a identical product upgrade for the ezRPG 1.0.x.

ezRPG 2.0 is also announced in the works which is a reimagined version developed by the ezRPG team to move away from Zeggy's legacy with newer offerings.

Both ezRPG 1.x and 2.x will be developed simultaneously until further notice with 1.2.x and up being recommended for current games to easily transition with, while ezRPG 2.x will be better for new-comers to ezRPG or game developers that want to move their game to take advantage of the newer style and abilities of 2.0.

ezRPG 2.x will NOT be compatible with ezRPG 1.0.2 systems just as ezRPG 1.0 was NOT compatible with ezRPG Pre1.0

Official Release dates will be released shortly, with 1.2.0 coming before an official 2.x

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