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What is Rain?

Rain is a Text based MMORPG inspired by the works of MCCodes and many other Text based Browser games, a lot of ideas were taken from these Games and then remodeled into something truly unique, however due to the buggy nature of the MCCode source Rain was purely coded from the ground up, using similar concepts but with a whole new twist, unlike many Text Based MMORPG's Rain offers high levels of diversity, offering many paths for a User to go down rather than the usual endlessly overused "Thug" theme, although Crime based, Crime is not the major focus of the Game, but it is a route one can take.


Personal Perks - Perks are gained mainly through Education Courses and play an important role in Rain's diverse nature.

Crimes - Like many games Crimes are also a feature included within Rain, however unlike the masses Rain's crime system is highly detailed and has unique functionality, the higher tier Crimes activate an 'event' in which the User must perform certain tasks in order to complete (Similar to Torncity Missions.)

Education - The Education system is a personal favorite of mine and took quite some time to plan out and code, I don't want to reveal too much as a lot of the content must be kept secret until the site goes live, but what I can say about this is it adds a far more realistic feel to it.

Properties - Rain's property system adds to it's diverse nature, a user can build up their own estate by purchasing properties and renting them out to other members, they can be upgraded to increase their effects on a users Motivation, they also work well with the perk system that runs throughout the source of Rain, but just as the Education I don't want to reveal too much about this.

Gangs - I decided that although I appreciated the typical Gang System for Crime based Games, I decided that it didn't really fit with what I had imagined for Rain. As such the Gang System is an entirely different concept to that of others and operates in a far more realistic way, making it a necessity for Gang Members to stay active and for Gang Leaders to manage their Gangs, rather than just sitting their awaiting applications and accepting them, the Organised Crime on Rain is heavily detailed and somewhat complex, making it a factor of the Game that requires skill.

These are the major features that really stick out from everything else - and what has already been completed. I'll update this topic every so often with a few updates, however most of the news will be posted regularly on the Facebook Page.

The Game is still under heavy development and as it is currently only being worked on by myself it'll take awhile to have a "finished" product, although Rain will never be finished as there is always room for improvement, so once the site does go live Updates will be consistent and regular.


The site will enter it's initial testing stages around November - December 2013 and will require Testers, if you're interested in becoming a Tester you'll need to like the Facebook Page and wait until I officially announce the Testing Stages, in which you'll be able to reply to with your request to become a Tester - you'll then be given a number which will be used on the sign up page when the site is put online.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rain-City/524690427592869

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