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Hello MWG, I'm always searching for new potential customers. If you need a website designed or template(s) for your game make sure you come check out my services.


I am currently offering a $150 bundle deal for text based games which includes a logo, 1 ad banner, login, register and ingame design fully coded with source files and integration support. The price may also vary depending on your projects budget, im a fair lenient guy.

Prices for designs unrelated to text based games will vary on the scope of your project. Give me some details on it and I can give you a proper pricing.

I'm almost always on skype (t0kenactive)

If you need references from other active members in this community that is not a problem. I look forward to designing your games.

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Wow, that's a good deal! Do you know about marketing, consultation on text games, etc? I have an existing game that could use an experienced hand to launch properly.

Thank you, I agree. I have ran a couple of my own text games in the passed and am very familiar with implementing different marketing strategies with my designs if your project requires it. ie: advertising placeholders, upgrading buttons, donator packs, game store sales...etc

As for marketing the game itself, my designs are google search engine efficient. I can provide you with at least 1 ad banner in the bundle that can be used on google adverts, adsense...etc

If you are interested in my services please either pm me with details on your project or add me on skype. Details such as name/description of your game, possible link, color schemes you like, what your trying to accomplish, and anything reasonable you might like to see in your designs such as a chat area in the header of the ingame template.

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If you do add me on skype make sure you let me know because a couple people have tried adding me in the past and I couldn't receive any friend requests from them so I had to add them instead.

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