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VBScript mafia game. Unique


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I used to play an old mafia game which was unique of it's type because though it was a mafia game, you could also chose other career paths besides being a gangster (Medicine, law, army, police, Customs, Firefighter, Mortician) These careers are an option and have their own ranks and you can chose to do which ever in which ever order. Or go gangster. The game was abandoned I think 3 years ago and I have the script without an SQL file. I'm going to make the database after I manage to connect the thing. It uses an ODBC driver but I can't manage to connect it. If anyone has any suggestions or offers to help, please reply. I'll post the connection string if anybody is interested. I have no understanding of VBScript so I need help.

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Oh I know that. I understand that classic ASP is a dead language. The scripts that I've dealt with are always PHP. But like I said above, this is a unique and quite old Mafia game which is better (in my opinion) than any of the current power houses. If you want to see an advanced version of this script so you can understand what I'm talking about. Check out http://www.mafiamatrix.com . This website is the successor to this script. So It's more sentimental than anything else really. I miss this old and unique game xD

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