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Just wondering

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I couldn't care less about its history. Inflated economy providing it's a v2 based game, providing nothing was done to maintain the economy, providing few addicted users with big wallets played the game? Show us its potential.. go on, elaborate my friend. Broader things for owners to think about other than its initial 1 month profit.

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i can speak from experience her that just because the game makes a good amount one month doesnt mean it will the next month.

what measures have you taken for advertising?

does it have an active app?

how many people was the 1500 spent between?

whats the domain?

proof of the income?

is it licensed?

how many active players on a daily basis?

how many sales?

have you done special deals for large donors?

oh and congratulations on the first month well done why sell? seems like a milk sales cut and run job

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