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Before anyone says there is a section for partnerships that section is in the game projects and as this is not a game project I am not posting it there.

Looking for a long-term partner to work with on multiple projects.

What Do I Offer?

I have skills in PHP, MySQL, Jquery, HTML, Photoshop & CSS. I also have a ton of time and ideas and around $100 per month as a minimum to invest into online games.

My main roles within the projects would be designer and any running/managing the sites.

What I am after?

I am after a coder with very good skills in PHP, MySQL & JavaScript. You must have time to invest into the projects and be able to work quickly and efficiently.

The Projects?

I have a number of project ideas that I would like to set up which I will discuss with people who are actually interested in this partnership but the first project I want to do I will share. It will be a topsite with easy to use as systems so people can buy ads in a matter of seconds, a blog about gaming and with reviews of the games on the topsite an various other features.

The Splits?

I am willing to split the projects 70/30 in favour of the developer as its not all about the money for me.

Expenses will be covered by?

As stated I have a minimum of $100 per month to cover costs of the sites so I will cover expenses until the sites are capable of covering their own costs.


If you have any more questions feel free to contact me via PM or post here.

Kind regards,


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