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mafia dreams game review


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Listen i though i might become an arse like guest. No offence

I started playing mafiadreams. After having my account reset four times i was able to play. At the start you dont receive any starting items. Do you know why. Because the game is ****. As there is no items nor inventorys

The layout is awful to the eyes and takes quite a while to look at.

The game has three names and i asked why and this is the reply i was given

"They were all my games and the copyright is my game"

I asked why is was till -2015 and they said


What admin does that

I was asked if i could code i said yes. And then he followed up with yeh so do it

Of course i knew to call bull on that. He doesnt even have a licence i said to scare hin and when i told him

This he claimed he was a admin not a coder


Sorry im on my phone so i cant do it quite so well



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Your not an arse but you do do a good damn game review which causes games to fail

Depends on how the owner/coders take it.

Also you sound upset.... he made a review about counts site and you are apparently count. And now you proved to be count.

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