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Alain Will Hate Me


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Okay I have redone the Location Module. Should I rename it so as not to add confusion? I have changed the entire stats system to be more simplistic and changeable based on the position. Also have added a Helper module to be an addon to Stats. AND a Unit module to add things like fleets and armies that move independently.

Point. Should I put these on the forum ... with CORE changes. Thus let you all sort them out...

OR. Politic Alain to make the changes I need to get these changes accepted ...

OR. Try to keep them in a separate module and hope they work together?

My brain hurts.


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Well, depends, if it adds to the default location module, then I could very well add those feature to the official one if you agree. Or you could release it as your own replacement and therefore keep the control of the development of that particular module. It's up to you. Personally both road are fine.

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