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[Free] Top 10 Players


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Easy one. Nothing fancy really, just saves some time, it displays top 10 players, you can order the top list via money/level.


//This file cannot be viewed, it must be included
defined('IN_EZRPG') or exit;

class Module_TopPlayers extends Base_Module
   public function start()
       //Require login

       switch ($_GET['order'])
           case 'level':
               $order = 'level';
           case 'money':
               $order = 'money';
               $order = 'level';

       $query = $this->db->execute('SELECT `username`, `level`, `money` FROM `<ezrpg>players` ORDER BY ' . $order . ' DESC LIMIT 10');
       $members = $this->db->fetchAll($query);

       $this->tpl->assign('members', $members);




{include file="header.tpl" TITLE="Top 10 Players"}

<h2>Top 10 Players</h2>

<table width="90%">
   <th style="text-align: left;">Username</th>
   <th style="text-align: left;"><a href="index.php?mod=TopPlayers&order=level">Level</a></th>
   <th style="text-align: left;"><a href="index.php?mod=TopPlayers&order=money">Money</a></th>

{foreach from=$members item=member}

{include file="footer.tpl"}



1. Make a folder named TopPlayers in your modules directory.

2. Place the index.php file with the first code snippet above.

3. Place the topplayers.tpl file in the smarty/templates directory with the second code snippet above.

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