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Wiki module free for all free owners

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As requested, here is a simplified wiki system which let you create help or other static content.

It works like that, the top entry appears in the controls section of the menu under the label wiki (you can modify it via the translation system).

Edit the page, and put whatever content you want. If you want to create a new page simply create a wiki link to the new page using the following syntax:

[[your new page]]

That will produce a link to that new page, which can be visited and edited.

To upload images, upload the image via the upload button at the bottom, and then add the image inside your page via [[image:your_image.png]] where your_image.png is the file you uploaded.

All is stored on 2 different tables, one for the text, the second for the images. Of course now you can use the inside_menu_ext to link to whatever page you want inside your own wiki!

BTW update the tiny_mce module as I fixed some issues with the UL and OL lists.

(Note: we reached the 115 official modules! Incredible!)

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That is great.

Question though. It always wants to just edit/enter in Home. I don't see a way to add another page. So, I manually added one through the database and I figured there might be a drop down or perhaps a way to 'Add Page', 'Delete Page', etc.

Thank you btw!


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If you read my first post :P you will see that adding a page is nothing else as adding a link via [[link name]] save, then click on the link, and edit the new page. This is basically the workflow for any wiki. You could very well simply add a page inside the DB as well. In any case the current wiki module will point always to the home page, if you need to point to sub pages uses the inside_menu_ext table to point to those:


Of course you don't need to keep the link from one page to the other, and if you remove the link in the text the linked page will remain in the DB. You may also have multiple pages pointing to the same page.

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