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Just to let you guys know, I am always committed to NWE. My new job has a HUGE restrictive internet, security stuff and all. When I get home, wife takes over.

So my point is. I look throughout the day at the forums, I review and TRY to write code, some on my phone. Please know my FAT fingers are typing for responses off my tiny phone. I know several of you have sent me code to look at ... I always respond and always will. Just remember it takes me a couple days. I have lots of things coming to the community for modules, I just don't want to send over unfinished work. Which is about 100% of what I have at the moment. Weekends are best for me.

Keep the ball rolling and again thank you Alain for creating a system I can spend my non-inifinite spare time on!

Member Team NWE


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