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Question: Modified Module


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I have a modified version of the location module. I want to share it. Do you want me to A) send the module as is as 'location module' or do you prefer B) I create Location-X, with my changes and you can release a separate module or C) let me just email it to you and then you can let me know.

Long Live NWE!


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If you rename it to location-gmoore for example, you can even send it to the marketplace. In this way people could know it's a replacement of the location module the base engine offer. Or if you think those modifications make sense for the base engine, then send over or post them here, and we shall discuss it. The advantage of releasing it under your name is that you keep the possibility to release when you want. The advantage of releasing it as main one, is that the base module will be better... but I think you should get the credits and the visibility for your work, so I would tend to say releasing it under your name is better.

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