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I need some help with my donation logs.

Basically i want to view my total donation for last month can some help me code this in. I have tried this no result being displayed.

$blah=$db->query("SELECT SUM(payment) as total_payment FROM donations WHERE timestamp BETWEEN DATE_ADD( now( ) , INTERVAL -1 MONTH ) AND now() ");
echo $row['total_payment'];


this is my current script (Mccodes v2)

function view_donation_logs()
global $db,$ir,$c,$h,$userid;
if($ir['user_level'] > 2)
$_GET['st']=abs((int) $_GET['st']);
print "<h3>Donation Logs</h3>
<table width=100% cellspacing='1' class='table'> \n<tr style='background:gray'> <th>Time</th> <th>User</th> <th>Amount</th> <th>Item</th> <th>Qty</th> </tr>";
$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM donations AS s LEFT JOIN users AS u ON s.buyer=u.userid ORDER BY s.id DESC LIMIT {$_GET['st']},$rpp ");
print "<tr><td>".date('F j Y g:i:s a', $r['timestamp'])."</td><td><a href=#viewuser.php?u={$r['buyer']}>{$r['username']}</a> [{$r['buyer']}]</td><td>\${$r['payment']}</td><td>{$r['item']}</td><td>{$r['quantity']}</td></tr> ";

print"</table><br />";
$q2=$db->query("SELECT id FROM stafflog");
print "Pages: ";
print "<a href='staff_logs.php?action=dlogs&st=$st'>$i</a> ";
stafflog_add("Looked at the donation logs");
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I PM'd you this:

$time=strtotime("-1 month");

$qm=$db->query("SELECT payment FROM donations WHERE timestamp>={$time}");





echo "Donations: \$".money_formatter($total,"").". <br />";


Basically, as I stated in another thread, if you think good and hard most of everything you need is in the mccode script, I took the part of cash that is circulated in the game, that counted all money, and used it adding WHERE timestamp>={$time} ...

$time=strtotime("-1 month"); Is docking off 31 days, from today's date, leaving only record payments showing from Jan, 2 2013 - Feb 2nd 2013...

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