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Epicx - New Roman Theme SLG Browser Game


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EpicX is SLG browser game with the background of the arising 3 kins. There are Tributary System, Futures Economy System and Kins-subdue System in game. It offers a chance to show your talents in politics, economy and military in unlimited way.

Since the Battle of Kadesh broke out, as time goes, the wars extend to Mediterranean, even Republic of Rome.

In the game, you can play a role as a member of three kins in ancient Rome, including Julius, Scipio and Brutus. You have the Glorious responsibility to thrive your kin. Meanwhile you should found your own league to create your legend!

Anyone interested can register at http://www.gogogogo.com/tuser/landing/epx/reg_fb.html?f=bbgsite

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Something dos not seem right here

Are you the developer of http://www.epicx.com as well.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but this smells like account information fishing or something.

It just does not seem right, a big budget game


and from the looks of it pretty legit to me, unless the game is worth making a complete website "gogogogo.com" that has members active...

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Its just that that website (http://www.gogogogo.com/tuser/index.html) is rather empty. Ripping some images and adding them to a template is not that time consuming. If I where a hacker, that is something I for sure would do. The site seemed rather inactive. And filled with dummy content. I just checked the forums many accounts little activity, and from this page http://forum.gogogogo.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=516&extra=page%3D1


Dear player:

Due to the recent modification of Facebook may cause problemwith game login, we strongly recommend you to login via Gogogogo.com forplaying our games. Gogogogo.com provides accessible login process and you canlogin with your Facebook account openly which make the login process truly handy.


Please follow below steps to help you accessing the games (please confirm you have used your Facebook account loginto our games previously):

Step 1, go to Gogogogo Web plus

Step 2, click “Forgot” to retrieve the password ( you don't have to login first).

Step 3, enter your Facebook login email address where you can receive the password email, then go to your email box to obtain the new password;


Just weird, an apparently large budget game, creating an account a forum and posting a link. Epicx.com does not mention gogogogogo at all. gogogo is registered to someone in Shanghai, cant compare with epix.com as it has privacy enabled. Gogogo has been with 2 registrars and dropped once.

srachit says the ip is blocked for him as well. Did a reverse ip lookup and there seems to be only one site on that server.

Did you make an account, is there actually a game there?


EDIT: Apparently there used to be a pron site at that domain name. The site as it is now have been there since late 2012

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