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I am not gonna register there, so I only speak in general.

yourjail.php should echo the message in html that you want to show




<button id="bust">Bust from jail</button>
<div id="bustMsg"></div>
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Their code is:

<script type="text/javascript">


$(".bust").live('click', function() {



type: "POST",

url: "../php/prison.php",

data: "bust=" + $(this).attr('id'),

success: function(response){




});}); });


But I don't understand it. Sorry, im new to javascript

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Have the link or button, or what else, the user clicks to bust out, have class named bust


<div id="content">the busting result will be here</div>
<div id="refresh">
this is probalby where the list of inmates is shown


I assume you have a jail and jailbusting script already, that may be soemthing like jail.php?bust=1234

url: "../php/prison.php",

^ change that to match the location of that script, have script look for $_POST['bust'] (remember to validate), and then do the busting, echo the result, and die; Whatever is echoed here should show up in the content div.

Same principle with prisonfeed.php

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You might learn more by writing it again. But I would not really call it copyright infringement to use the snippet.

Perhaps use

type: "GET",

As according to guy expert on interfaces, POST causes two http calls to be made, and should be avoided unless sending much data.

If you do that, make sure that the php backend script dont already use $_GET['bust'], if it does use $_GET['bust']


data: "bust=" + $(this).attr('id'), to data: "bustid=" + $(this).attr('id'),

and look for $_GET['bustid'] in the php script. or something

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