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Error with no message


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(Okay this is a 'very' development version - in otherwords this is not an error in normal NWE)

But if you get an error message without any information do you have any guide on where to look? I have seen this and dug to find a routine missing before. Also this is done during a logoff process. Funny thing is if I close the window and open up a previous version it fixes THIS version if I reload it. lol




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Just building up my minimalist NWE. Was doing the same to the templates. Found out a little more about the system, thanks to you and some head pounding.

Right now I am selecting modules I previously removed to be reintroduced one by one (such as table editing, forums, etc) which I feel would be included in ANY game I might ever wish to do. This would NOT include like Mixing, Patterns, Russian Roulette which are good as modules but not necessarily in all game styles. In this version I am currently doing (002) I am also making my own generic templates (public, user and error). I am moving the libs out of root. I am making .xml and .sql files .php.

Version 3 will start real non-core development.


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