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Will build automated software to help you grow your game.. "Standing offer"


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Hello MWG Members, I'm Theodore Gaushas

Owner of http://Http://www.botguru.net and many other online sites in web automation, marketing, seo, and rpg style game niche's.

Im making this thread today to offer my services to MWG Members

You can view videos of 'some' of my creations (there's tons of videos)


http://www.screencast.com/users/lowridertj/folders/Software Videos

I can automate just about anything you can think of.. If your doing it manually online or with another tool I can likely build you a custom solution you can use yourself, sell, give away, etc..

There is a very large market for this sort of thing, and especially for webmasters, and local business owners. I've created more than 2000 bots, software's over the past 2 years, and have a very good understanding in whats needed, and what it takes to automate online tasks properly.


Attached you can find a list of software's I have readily available for re-branding under 3rd column pricing, besides I also build 100% custom solutions with optional full rights. Some have descriptions, or video links to preview. Those that interest you and you want more information or would like to discuss them with me please feel free to use the contact information below.


Options available

  1. Multi threading
  2. Sockets
  3. Multi account use
  4. Proxys (http, socks, private, hidemyass pro vpn)
  5. Clearing cache, cookies, lso flash cookies
  6. Automation on any website task
  7. With or without browser visible
  8. Custom html UI (user Interface), or standard UI area
  9. and much much more...


If interested in getting your personalized quote email me at

[email protected]

or add me on skype:


Bots I have Available.zip

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