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Minor Bug: Admin Module Manager


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Just now went to update the 4 modules (chat_bar, explore, npc_discussion, register). Selected update for chat_bar, screen did its thing and the screen refreshed with chat_bar still showing. If I refresh the screen it goes away.

After some checking, I have noticed that if lines 2,3,4 are selected it works properly, screen is automatically refreshed, but if the first line is selected, the item remains displayed but the task was completed.

I hope that makes sense. The update is working but the screen indicates it did not unless you refresh the page (only for the first item).


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What I would believe is that it should show the "update" even after you actually updated till you actually reload the page again. This was due to the fact I was loading the current versions before making the update and therefore it would miss the refreshed version. I hope my explanation makes sense.

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