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Upcoming Zombie Game!


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Hi there MWG :) I have told one or two of you about this project but thought I'd share it with the rest of the community!

Basically this project is a zombie based browser game but unlike any game seen on the web before! The game is primarily a single player game (May change this) but does offer many different types of multiplayer oppertunities in many different ways! It has a deep story-line set out in which players will be able to play out in a fantasy book styled way (i.e. something happens... Do you take path A or path B? Each having a different outcome and changing your story for the game so no one player experiences the same story!) although the begging and ending of the story will be the same, it's just how you get there that changes!

The main objective of the game is to complete the atory mode, survive and kill as many zombies as you can and obviously be ranked the number 1 player!

The one thing you may think about a single player story game is that what happens when they've completed, right? Well then they'll just be playing multiplayer mode! Also the story isn't small! It will take you down a long dark path that will keep you interested and begging for more and will take a decent amount of playing time to complete!

So far quite abit is coded, all the core work Is done and a few of the "sub-main" features are coded and added into the game! Hopefully there will be some oppertunities for Alpha Testers around Febuary time and Beta hopefully released around April/June but these are not promised dates!! The only problem at the moment is Zero graphics work has been done and we are working on a small budget with large budget graphic ideas as we will need detailed illustrations of all the scenes that happen throughout the story and also a lot of other graphics work!

When I get more time I will post the background story behind the game to give you more of an insight and maybe post some screenshots and let you in on some mor features and will keep updated on everything that's happening!

Any questions feel free to ask!

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