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NWE Roadmap


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Has anyone ever seen or considered an NWE roadmap? I know it is not open source, but I would like to see where the engine is going. At least in the mind of the main developer (who I don't know but seems to be on a break).

I am converting to an almost unique system soon. Why did I start with NWE? I have been developing websites since before AOL existed (remember the Internet you know and love is like 12 years old lol). I keep coming back and trying to put together a gaming framework, but I have such lofty/grandiose ideas that it just nevers comes together. This is the first time I have seen something that even 50% meets my needs. But I am greedy :). So there is so much to do. I would like to see what I would be missing and what I should wait for. I develop completely in a custom NWE now. Too much has changed.

My news years resolution, make NWE, MY first love lol.


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NWE is and should stay modular in term of code as well as kind of games you can produce with it. Therefore NWE didn't offer so far much of a fun game to play, instead more building blocks to let YOU guys build your own game.

In the future, I'm thinking of the following:

- Check the possibility to include some sort of automatic unit testing

- Further develop the AJAX side, for example maybe have only partial updates of the page?

- Offer a mobile / smartphone template

- Offer new modules (like house, additional clan features and more)

- Improve the existing features

But as always, my projects are pretty much driven by what you guys ask / suggest.

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