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Selling A Great Mod

The Phantom

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Been requested to make this mod yesterday by Scorpio








Selling it for $10


Made by me, 2nd mod I made.

Ban people from chat or unban. when banning or un banning people. They will get an event.

You will also get with this mod a federal jail.







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This doesnt seem like something that should be sold especially for $10.

Here is how to make it for the most part:

1. Add column to users table called chatban and chatbandays or whatever you would like to call it

2. Use from what I believe is staff punishments page something like fed user form, fed user submit, and not to sure but possibly fed user begin; take those functions and just replace all necessary column names from fedding a user to chat banning them.

3. You can go into global_funcs and make a new dropdown for chat banned people and again change all necessary column names from fedding to chat banning.

4. Go to fedjail and just add the stuff in there for people that are chat banned and also use whats already there as a template as well.

Only do this if you want to save $10 or if you want contact the OP and he'll sell you his

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