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Hey , My first design for my portfolio

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Hey guys , i have kept it simple and this is the first template that i have created for my portfolio . It is a template for a text based game. I probably will release the psd but it will have to come later because i did it in a rush and i need to tidy up the psd.

Anyways guys thats it then , the first design = Done!


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Good attempt but a couple of things that need improving:

-The fonts under the leader board don't look that nice and don't fit in.

-The content section is a little plain.

-Personally I think the header is horrible, the images look stupid and don't exactly represent anything to do with a mafia.

Apart from that the rest is good :)

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Hi razor , I wanted something funky under the leaderboard that would stand out because they are the names of the users so i believe the font is perfect for the leaderboard.

I dont know what you mean by the content section ? if this is the login then what do you mean by plain ? the graphics or the content thats meant to be there.

lastly the header doesnt need to represent anything to do with a mafia game because that was just a made up name , these images would fit in with any type of game that you want .

Anyways thank you for sharing your opinion.

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