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Brushing Off the Dust, I Return


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Hello MakeWebGames Members,

Some of you may of known me briefly from my time on the forum of what seems like a lifetime ago. Although at that time I was an active member, I never actually progressed with my previous Web Game development projects and therefore I slowly stopped posting... but I have decided to brush off the dust in Christmas spirit and I am back.

I have moved away from PHP and MySQL static games and I've started looking at the HTML5 Canvas Element and looking to create a game that responds to user input directly, such as an arrow key and the character shall walk.

As this is shall hopefully be the first project I actually complete I am going to make it simple, I'm not going with my previous ideas of post apocalyptic, professional grade artwork style games but going back to 2.5D style Mario and Pokemon Gameboy and Nintendo games. What this means is you shall have your simple villages, simple colours and designs and at first the character shall only be able to walk around and explore the village.

Anyway... that's about it for now!

Have a good Christmas and I'm looking forward to getting back into the forum.


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