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NWE Mafia theme


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Many MWG visitors aim at the (all to old) mafia theme. Therefore I'm considering creating a NWE theme system which will let you apply preset of data, texts and more as easily as you install modules.

So basically you will go to the theme manager, choose a theme, and apply it. It will remove all the needed table data, set the config keys for you, change the template, apply text translations if needed all in one shot.

The end result will be that you will be able to switch from the medieval theme actually offered with engine to other presets in no time. The catch is, if you had your own content (items, config keys, ... ), they will be dropped. So do it only at the beginning ;)

As many of you knows, I'm by far not a fan of the Mafia / Gang theme, and if I do it it's purely for the community (yes it will be free to any full owner). Therefore it will be good if some Mafia lover would help me define some content for it. In exchange of this work I'm willing to reimburse the 100$ of the full license (even if you bought it 80$ you will get 100$ back). Which means, you need to be owner of a full license to apply for this job. Why? Because I don't want to give away a license to somebody which may actually do little to nothing.

So if you qualify, then PM me, and we shall see how to proceed.

For everyone else, it means that we should have NWE as mafia game engine some times soon.

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