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Upgrade Mod - Not working [Redux]


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i hope I've posted this in the right section.

Anyway, my PHP skills aren't yet good enough to solve my problem and I'm wondering if anyone could help me with this.

I tired to add this mod: http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/33655-mccode-v2-Advanced(isher)-Level-Upgrade-Mod?highlight=level+upgrade

I tried to convert it and implement it into my game but i seem to be having trouble. The Upgrade button isn't appearing next to level, so I made it so that it just always shows, just for now but when I click on it, the page upgrade.php appears but its just a white page that displays

"Vote for Game | Donate to Game now for game benefits!"

Anyway here is the code.

upgrade.php (I've commented out the brave increase because in the game i want the brave to stay at a certain number)


if (!defined($_CONFIG['define_code']))
   echo 'This file cannot be accessed directly.';

$exp_needed=(int) (($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*2.2);
if($ir[exp] < $exp_needed)
die("You need more experience before you can upgrade!");
$expu = $ir['exp'] - $ir['exp_needed'];
       $ir['level'] += 1;
       $ir['exp'] = $expu;
       $ir['energy'] += 2;
       /**$ir['brave'] += 2;**/
       $ir['maxenergy'] += 2;
       /**$ir['maxbrave'] += 2;**/
       $ir['hp'] += 50;
       $ir['maxhp'] += 50;
       $ir['exp_needed'] =
               (int) (($ir['level'] + 1) * ($ir['level'] + 1)
                       * ($ir['level'] + 1) * 2.2);
               "UPDATE `users`
                SET `level` = `level` + 1, exp = {$expu},
                `energy` = `energy` + 2, 
                `maxenergy` = `maxenergy` + 2,
                `hp` = `hp` + 50, `maxhp` = `maxhp` + 50
                WHERE `userid` = {$userid}");

print"You Upgraded to Level <b>{$ir['<span class='highlight'>level</span>']}</b>!";




function check_level()
   global $db;
   global $ir, $c, $userid;
   $ir['exp_needed'] =
           (int) (($ir['level'] + 1) * ($ir['level'] + 1)
                   * ($ir['level'] + 1) * 2.2);
   if ($ir['exp'] >= $ir['exp_needed'])
$exp_needed=(int) (($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*($ir['level']+1)*2.2);
if($ir['exp'] >= $exp_needed)
global $upgrade;
$upgrade = "Y";


Code in template.php

<b>Name:</b> <?php echo "$gn{$u} [{$ir['userid']}] $d"; ?><br />
<b><?php echo $set['main_currency']; ?>:</b> <?php echo "{$fm}"; ?><br />
<b>Level:</b> <?php echo "{$ir['level']}"; ?><br />
<b><?php echo $set['second_currency']; ?>:</b> <?php echo "{$cm} [<a href='".gen_url('exchange',true)."&spend=refill'><span style='font-weight: bold;'>R</span></a>]"; ?><br />

<?php if($upgrade == "Y")
print"<a href='" . gen_url('upgrade', true) . "'>[upgrade]</a> <br />";
} ?>

[<a href='<?php echo gen_url('logout',true); ?>'>Emergency Logout</a>]


Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks :)

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Is a button essential? ie do you need a player to manually upgrade

If not then

if($ir[exp] >= $exp_needed){



will auto up the level. You can also throw in any upgrade requirements in there (ie it costs x amount of cash/crystals) or send an event stating they could not level.

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