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Mccodes racing mod

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Hi I'm currently creating a racing mod game and I'm after people advice on which you think is better or what you would use for determining which car wins the race. I decided to use a rating system instead of either a random car wins or the car with the most BHP, I was thinking of using the chess rating, i got the idea of using a rating system from the movie the social network

Ea = 1 / (1 + 10 ^ ((Rb-Ra)/400) )

Eb = 1 / (1 + 10 ^ ((Ra-Rb)/400) )

in which both player are given a rating of 1400 to start with and then the rating would run to determining which of the 2 girls would win and would update their rating but in my mod I'm just going to + or - 1 to the ratings

so this now brings me to my question which would you use and why?

A) A user rating

B) A seperate rating for each car and just that car rating would be used when racing with that car

C) Have both user and car rating, add them up then /2

thanks for reading and any replies

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