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I am wondering if there is any information about game management and design services or a good place to put together a designing and development team, who either will take a percentage of profits or something. I used to host a game, but school and everything has kept me busy, I have a new server and want to put my game back up, but with a new system and complete redesign, which will be a team effort and will be a collaborative effort. Any help on the matter will be very helpful. If there is no services such as this it may be advantageous to start such a service.

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A service which develop your game, and keep it up and running? Sorry but why should people do it for you? Forget a "percentage" here the service would not only eat 100% of the possible profits but would even need to take a risk based on your base idea. That's why there isn't such "service".

To be honest, the base idea (like a story and even with game rules or not) is worth nothing. The development of a game costs a lot of time, effort and therefore money, so why would a team, company, group or whatever do the development for you for free with just a percentage of the possible (usually never) profit? Doesn't work.

On the other side, if you have a budget (a couple of thousands US$) you may find people developing your game.

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