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Immediat licence change and code in the coming weeks


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Due to the high amount of interest, I thought it would make sense to change a bit the license rules. Currently the free and dev version of the engine doesn't allow you to use it for your own game and force you to buy the full version. Somehow I feel this requirement a bit annoying.

What I propose is the following:

- The free and dev version will be upgraded to the latest version of the engine and will include the login as well as the registration (without catpcha).

- The dev version will stay as license to sell your mods directly from the market place as well as offer a direct integration with the market place for example to update the modules from within the engine. (This may not be the final thing, as it's still under discussion.)

- Free modules developed with the free can be submitted but will need to go through email, and not directly from the engine and will take more time to be reviewed.

- The free and dev version are not open source, basically you can use it, but don't have the right to re-distribute it with or without modifications. You still have the right to use it for development or productive games.

- The full version will continue as is, and offers the huge difference of including all the features you all know about it: being XSS filter, HTTP cache, and all the modules. Modules offered in the full version are also not open source, so don't expect to buy one full and install 2000 games with it ;-)

The license change is immediately valid, yet I still need the time to upgrade the free / dev packages.

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