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Looking for someone to code me a feature.


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I am looking for someone to create me a tutorial feature, when users signup they have to go through this tutorial to enter the game life,

much like the torn system where there is a check list and you go through each, after each task is complete you get a little amount of cash.

There will be around 6 tasks in the tutorial,

1.Items and what they help you do

2. Housing what it helps you in

3. explaining some features

4.explaining the stat bars and stats

5.Explaining how to play the game and how to earn money and such

6.main goal of the game such as being most respected etc..and how you can get there.

I want the tutorial to be like a popout, so when you login in the screen will go a bit dark and the tutorial will pop up in a slow fade motion,

also i want a option where you can skip it and be shown later on the next login.

Please PM me with the price..

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