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I'm currently busy thinking of ways to amend an access control system to the engine.

But, I'm at a cross-road as to which approach will be best.

The thing is, there's no need to make it over-complicated - but on the same point, it does need to be scalable.

I was thinking of a Role-based Access Control system, NIST has a pretty good standardization for it here.

From that article, I really like the Flat RBAC as it's simple, yet it can be improved on demand.

I've drawn up a simple diagram of how it would work:



The database isn't mapped here, but that should be the "simple" part of it all.

Does anyone have any suggestions/comment for[/on] this?


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Yes, that would make sense to integrate. It's something similiar like Drupal, right?

However, I believe it would be a efficient and easy approach and if well integrated could be a really great feature.

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