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What is ezRPG rework?

ezRPG was originally created by a Zeggy in late 2007.

Since then, not much have been done to improve the engine.

So, in mid 2012 Spudinski and Aventoro set out to improve upon all that is ezRPG.

The main goals are to provide better security and to make it more "complete".


What's the differences between ezRPG original and ezRPG rework?


  • There are three unique authentication adapters: PBKDF2, bcrypt and Oldschool(being ezRPG original).
  • Request signatures have changed, for the better.
  • GET_MSG approach is obsolete within the rework.



  • The main database abstraction has been changed, this was to allow for multiple adapters.
  • The rework currently has two adapters, mysql(legacy) and mysqli, an improved(preferred) version of ext/mysql.
  • HTMLpurifier is no longer used.


Why should I use the rework?

Because it has everything ezRPG has, but reworked for the better.

It's also actively being developed, with code pushes happening at least once a week.

Status of ezRPG rework?

We are currently in a mid beta stage of development on our first release.

Version is 0.1b.

Where can I get it?

We use github as our deployment avenue.

You can find our repository at https://github.com/nands/ezrpg.

If you want updates about the project, please star it for updates.

How can I join in?

It's very simple - simply fork us on Github.

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