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Using EzRPG to make a Funny Image Website


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Yes, that's right. I have decided to use a engine specifically for RPG games to make a image website where people can submit pictures. Why? Because I love to work with it. I just love the way its built.

Anyway basically I have removed almost all of the RPG features from it (energy, health ect) because they are un-needed. But what i have kept is the EXP system. Why? I have made it so when a user uploads a picture, they get experience points which gives the user something to aim towards.

Here is the front page I designed my self. I am not very good at designing layouts but i wanted to go towards a simplistic look.


This is a screenshot of the view profile page. It is not completely finished as you can tell. I have added awards at the bottom which users can aim for to make their profile look nice.


This is a screenshot of how it looks like when you view an image. It is still not fully completed as i still need to add social network share buttons and comments.


Note: The logo says Lulz World but i am no longer using that name because I sold my other site that is named lulzworld

I just wanted to share my website with you to show that EzRPG is capable of becoming much more. Overall it has took me around ~10 hours to do this whereas if i started from scratch it would of took me at least 30 hours.

I am still in the process of making it so the screenshots will probably change when i have completed it


The website has been released in BETA mode

visit it at


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